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Test Vote

Congratulations to the recipients of the S.B.C.P.O.A. 2018 College Scholarship Awards

Robert Bloe III, Montana Bloe, Amanda James, Candice James, Deja White, Artis Seymore, Benjamin Whittier, Bria Palmer, Amia Palmer and Ivy Corta.

SBCPOA COLLEGE Scholarship Program 2018

SBCPOA will award fifteen scholarships worth $300.00 each annually to the eligible children of the SBCPOA membership.  Applications MUST be received by the Committee on or before August 22, 2018.  If there are more than fifteen applicants, the recipients will be chosen by means of the lottery system.  Applicants must follow all directions as it is part of the eligibility process.

Scholarships are available to recent high school graduate students, between the ages of 17 and 23. All applicants must be a child of an active SBCPOA member.

Please provide: Proof of registration into a two or four year college for the coming semester, school identification card or government identification, Short essay not to exceed one page (12 font; double spaced) on how you plan on contributing to the community and society, Finally, complete the application and do not leave any blank spaces.  Use N/A is applicable.

Applications must be postmarked and or received by August 22, 2018.  Mail all completed paperwork to:  SBCPOA, Attention: Charitable Committee, 4370 Hallmark Pkwy #105, San Bernardino, CA 92407



  1. THE RAMIREZ FIRM provides the following services to SBCPOA:

Attorneys and staff necessary to perform the duties, as follows:

  1. Representation at all “meet & confer” sessions, at the reasonable request of, and assistance of SBCPOA;
  2. Representation at all hearings at the city, county or district level, including, but not limited to the following
  3. Internal Affairs (“IA”) Investigations
  4. Grievances;
  5. Skelly Hearings;
  6. Officer Involved Shootings;
  7. Officer involved Use Of Force/Death;
  8. City Council, Board of Supervisors or Regulatory Agency Meetings;
  9. Representation at the meeting of the SBCPOA Board of Directors, or General Membership Meetings, if requested in a reasonable, and timely fashion;
  10. Representation at disciplinary hearings including, but not limited to:
    • Personnel Boards;
    • Civil Service;
    • Arbitration;
    • Public Employees Relation Board (“PERB”);
  11. Representation at all FBI, DOJ, District Attorney and City Attorney investigations;
  12. Twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week emergency advice and/or representation to membership for incidents including:
    • CRIMINAL CASES arising out of the course and scope of employment;
    • CIVIL CASES, arising out of, and occurring in the scope of their employment when not, as is otherwise legally mandated, covered by the County.
      • CIVIL CASES include suits against officers for excessive force, violation of civil rights, and officer involved shootings.
      • COURSE AND SCOPE OF EMPLOYMENT” is generally defined as actions or omissions by a Peace Officer or Public Safety Employee which are typical of or associated with the duties which a Peace Officer or Public Employee is hired, trained, and paid to perform, as determined, , in the discretion of THE RAMIREZ FIRM and the SBCPOA board.
  13. THE RAMIREZ FIRM also agrees to provide the following services to SBCPOA, and its Board of Directors:
    • Providing advice to the SBCPOA Board on legal matters affecting the general membership;
    • Advise the Board in coordinating, if necessary, SBCPOA’s hiring of other legal specialists, when, and if, necessary;
    • Advise the Board on contractual, corporate and bylaw related issues, internal to SBCPOA.
    • The bringing of any affirmative action on behalf of SBCPOA, or its members, which shall only be undertaken upon the recommendation of THE RAMIREZ FIRM and the SBCPOA Board.


For any questions regarding Coverage, or any of the above, please contact John Ramirez directly at (650) 762-6799.



Dates for Economic Re-Opener Vote

SBCPOA Member Contract

Question/Answer and Vote Meetings


VICTORVILLE – TUESDAY, 11/8/16 @ 1200-1PM

Adult Probation

15480 Ramona Ave

Victorville, CA 92392

FONTANA – TUESDAY, 11/15/16, @1200

Fontana DRC

17830 Arrow Blvd.

Fontana, CA 92335


CENTRAL – Wednesday, 11/16/16 @ 12PM

Norman Feldheym Library

555 W. 6th Street

San Bernardino, CA 92410

JOSHUA TREE – Thursday 11/17/16, @1200


57084 29 Palms Hwy.

Yucca Valley, Ca. 92284





If Any Questions, contact:

President Miguel Pares: 909-532-0357


Laura Pleasant: (951) 208-9762/