Baker 2 Vegas

Baker 2 Vegas 2018 Results – We Mugged!



(entire team not pictured)

For the last 5 years, our team has worked diligently to reclaim our title as the team to earn the “mug”. Our team finished 20 minutes faster than projected and came in 24th place out of 50 teams in our category, allowing us to earn the “mug”! We improved overall by entering the race as team 192 out of 276 and finishing as team 152. While we were out there to compete, we also had a ton of fun! We want to thank everyone who ran, sponsored, and volunteered to be part of this amazing team. Also, thank you to everyone who helped us raise money for the team. Words cannot express how thankful we are for everyone who gave of their time, energy, and resources. Without your help, this would not have been possible. If you would like to be part of this life-changing experience next year, keep your eyes out for future emails.

Next year’s race will be the weekend of March 23-24, 2019.